Email marketing

While an engaging website is a vital part of any business or organisation’s marketing and communications strategy, your digital communications plan must include email marketing. Ultimately, audience engagement is essential, and being able to communicate directly with them through email, using targeted messaging, can be highly productive.

The types of content to be included in email marketing campaigns would be:

  • Newsletters – with links to the website for more information
  • Promotions – tell customers and prospects about your latest offers
  • Events – a list of upcoming events, with links to the website for more information
  • Downloadable materials – podcasts, PDFs, videos, etc

Dasch Communications has experience of designing and executing email marketing campaigns for a variety of clients, using tools which include full follow-up analysis reports once an email has been sent.

Such facilities enable the sender to generate different activity reports, such as how many emails have been opened (and by whom), which addresses have bounced (not reached their intended targets), and what hyperlinks recipients have clicked through to. Using this data can help shape future email campaigns, ensuring they are as targeted, engaging and effective as possible.

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