Content writing

Ensuring the content you produce and use in your various communications channels is of the highest quality, can be the difference between a successful and a failed business. If your target audiences do not clearly understand your service offering, they will find one of your competitors and take their business there. For an internal audience, successfully engaging with them will result in higher levels of motivation and commitment.

It is for this reason that Dasch Communications works with its clients to deliver thoughtful and targeted content, taking each piece of marketing material on its own merit, to ensure it is a clear, concise and highly effective communication.

We have more than two decades’ experience writing and producing content for the following marketing and communications channels:

  • Websites – content which is optimised to help achieve high search engine rankings, including number one results on the likes of Google
  • Email marketing – we write and design short, focused and highly engaging emails with specific audiences and subject matter in mind
  • Brochures – sales-focused content designed to attract prospects and generate new business
  • Employee magazines – publications specifically for staff audiences, and a key part of an organisation’s internal communications strategy, including news, features, employee profiles, and diary-style content
  • Case studies / fact sheets – structured summaries of projects delivered or capabilities offered, designed to supplement other sales tools, such as brochures
  • Thought leadership articles – cutting-edge features, taking key news issues relevant to your business, and applying a unique perspective
  • Press releases – concise news releases geared to specific publications, in order to maximise the likelihood of media coverage

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